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New short routine.....

Just to keep some fresh stuff in this forum.

Been doing this for about a month or so now and really like it. I've had the idea floating around in my head for a long time, and seeing CalJack do his abbreviated 5/3/1 routine pushed me in this direction.

I feel much better overall. Not beat up and tired. And the best part is I'm dying to lift. Before it was becoming somewhat of a chore.

Here's the plan:

Mon - Deadlifts and Rows
Wed - Bench and dips (or skullcrushers)
Fri - Squats and Curls
Sun - Seated overhead press and calves

So I only do 2 lifts a day. Like when I say rows, I don't mean bent rows, then dumbbell rows, then machine rows. Its ONE rowing movement.

I do atleast 5 sets on all lifts, but not more than 10 sets.

For the main lifts I usually do 5 reps or less, sometimes 8.

For the assistance lifts its unlimited. I was doing reps between 5 - 30.

If you borrow this routine, you must mail me a check for $4.99. Every week.
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