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Originally Posted by RLB View Post
Ladies, I need some help and advice for my wife. She currently carries a 38 revolver in the apendix carry position. I recently bought her a small 380 which she cannot carry in this location. We bought a cross breed micro clip holster which did not work for her. Yesterday I have her carry my 1911 in the super tuck holster. After a while she was ok with the holster at the 3:30 position.
She asked if other ladies carry in this position. Looking for input on holster and location from ladies that carry on a daily basis.
Thank you in advance.
Can't get my wife to wear a holster. Wish I could. She
does carry her G19 in a Hobo style purse from Galco. At
home, on our property, she'll put a .38 S&W in a shoulder
rig when walking the dog or working in our food plots or yard.
But she won't wear a holster IWB or OWB at all. At least
she is armed this way even though it's not optimal.
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