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That is pretty much the gist of it. An AM barrel masks pressure signs, but doesn't change anything. The small advantage is that slightly overpressure loads can be fired without damage to the gun, but yes, it is also getting rid if one safety feature. Saami is what the guns and barrels are built to, along with a margin. I ran the numbers on 10mm barrels and burst pressure, and see how far into'the margin you run when you blow past saami specs... it is really not pretty. The only saving grace is that it is somewhat difficult to build extremely high pressues when it is not a fully closed system. If anything goes wrong though, hotter loads in the am barrel will be MUCH higher pressure than loads in the stock barrel. Running at the top edge of a powders pressure curve may not hurt anything, until you get a bore obstruction, or an oversized bullet, over length brass, etc... then you get a90kpsi explosion rather than a 40kpsi case blowout.
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