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Originally Posted by FireForged View Post
Nobody came to get guns in 1934
Nobody came to get guns in 1968
NObody came to get guns in 1989
Nobody came to get guns in 1994

and Nobody will come to get guns in 2013

and all this talk about passing a new ban.......

Bill Clinton came out publicly and said he wished he had not pursued the AWB in 94' because it costs a lot of his buddies their seat in congress because they voted for that BS crap...

all these goons are talking tough, but now that the emotion has died down they are going to think about what happened to their congressional comrades being unemployed in congress after voting for the AWB.....

of course people like schumer and feinstein will vote for it....

they don't have to worry about their senate seats because the people they represent are total IDIOTS, and will vote for them regardless
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