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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
Nope! Not going to agree to disagree yet. I want you to explain, justify, to all here, your line of though on this. According to "the courts and Congress" the raid was illegal. The agents tortured the inhabitants with loud music for days and nights on end. When that didn't work they set fire to the buildings. That has all been documented and shown to be factual. So please explain how an illegal raid and fire set by agents is Koreshe's fault when the Feds were braking the law.

Next we can discuss the children that were take away from their mothers (punishing the mothers and the children) and scattered all over the state of Texas, some up to 200 miles away, because their "father" had more than one wife. I can quote you case after case where the "authorities" punish children for alleged illegal activities of the "father".

The more you post the more I'm inclined to believe you would confiscate firearms if ordered to. In fact I am now positive of it. After all it would be "the law". And in your mind that is justification for whatever is done by "law enforcement" whether legal or illegal. And the my friend is what has you so bent over the shoot them in the face comment made by another poster.

Also you keep making reference to me saying I would shot someone it the face. WRONG! I made no such statement. I simply explain why another had made the statement. You sure like "trying" to twist things. (Funny how the liberals do the same thing). You've picked the wrong guy to do that with. I'll call you on it every time. And you gain no points by questioning my sanity. You're the one defending those that burned children. I'm pretty sure it's not me but the that's not quite right in the head.
Jerry, you are a truly wonderful person.
Did I get that wrong about you shooting someone in the face? I honestly dont remember. But as I see your posts I think it is inline with your anti government ideals. Now, come on, are you a Sovereign? Or a Patriot Movement participant????
Ohhhh come on, between friends, tell me.

Would I be in on a gun confiscation detail, probably not. But for YOU, I may make an exception. You seem to have some emotional issues. Hmmmm

You keep going back to Waco. How old were you then? Im just wondering. You previously stated it was a long time ago and the roads were clogged as to why you couldnt exact revenge.
Am I wrong?

Ok, WACO, So you say the feds got it all wrong and murdered innocents? Has anyone gone to prison? NOPE! Why?
Because Koresh was an egomaniac who would not live by the law of the land. Hmmmmmm
The kids were taken from their brainwashed parents for their own safety.

You said, " Im pretty sure its not me but the thats not right in the head".

You sound unsure of your argument I am not. KORESH and his maniacal views caused a situation where kids were killed. They could have laid down their illegal automatic weapons and walked out. They didnt.

Jerry, were you one of those kids stripped from his crazy ass mothers arms? Heck, were you fathered by Koresh?

Or do you have a severe man crush on him that you cannot justify with your Lord and Savior.

Just asking.

As always, HUGS!

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