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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
Yes you got it wrong. In fact you’ve gotten pretty much everything wrong. So are you member of the Communist party. Or just a JBT team member? Come on Comrade do tell.

You sound just like the nut jobs that went after the Weaver family. You keep bring up emotional issues, as if you keep saying it it will become truth. Sorry to disappoint you. You can weave and makeup whatever you please to try to make me look like something that fits into the little warped world you've made up in your mind but when it's all said and done you've shown your true colors here.

You really do have some imagination there Adolf. Or is it Joseph. What division of the alphabet soup do you work for?

WRONG AGAIN Didn’t say the roads were clogged, I said blocked. As in barricaded by the FBI. (I know it’s hard but try to keep up. If you can’t remember go back and reread what was writte. You can not do here what you do in your reports. You can’t make it up as you go along. Why? Because people can go back and see what was written.) They also wouldn’t let the news helicopters get within camera range. Why? Something to hid! Documented!

Actually no one went to jail because the JBT never do. New Orleans.. confiscation…. Court ruled illegal…. No one went to jail. Ruby Ridge… FBI and ATF found to have broken numerous laws. No one went to jail. Fast and Furious no one has or will go to jail. So why didn’t anyone go to jail. The system is FUBAR. Why didn’t anyone go to jail. Because people like you allow them to get away with it. There is only one thing I dislike more than a bad cop, that's those that protect them then pretend to be honorable. Enablers!

You do realize you have scrambled together two different incidents. Of course you don't. That wasn't Koreish. The kids weren’t in any danger. Their father was accused of being a polygamist. Neither he nor any of the mothers were accused of child abuse. Again you side with people overstepping their authority. Court said they did. But in your mind it's OK.

I'm absolutely sure of my facts. You show lack of comprehension or is it memory loss. I told you… Koresh offered to surrender days earlier yet the “authorities” chose to stormed the building shooting. You don't even know the facts yet you stick up for the people that killed the children just because they wore badges. I don’t condemn everyone that wears a badge but you stick up for them when you don’t even know the facts. Now you tell me who has an emotional issues. I say what I say because of knowing the facts. You say what you say because you want it to be so.

No! But that doesn’t mean I can’t condemn the people that did it. Try some other BS because that wont fly either.

Is that how you goat people into doing something so you can push you weight around on the street? Insults won’t get you anywhere here. Wanting to kick my door in speaks volumes. In none of my post have I wished you ill-will but you... "will make an exception" and kick my door in to take my firearms. We now have your number. V know Vhat you are all about now Comrade.

Jerry, Jerry ,Jerry!!!!!

Ok, you didn't want to agree to disagree.................

I am not a communist. I served this nation and went to WAR for it. Oh, my older son is in Afghanistan now. Anddddddddddd, my younger son is a Marine wishing he could get over there.

Thats how my family rolls....... How does your family roll???

Its ok, we are friends. Tell me.

As far as the weavers and emotional/mental issues, didnt Wayne La Pierre agree that we should be singling out mentally compromised individuals?

No my name isn't adolph my middle name is Joseph. Thanks for caring. And as far as any alphabet, I am not a fed. However, I count several as friends.
Also, lets be clear, I will always take their side over yours until proven otherwise. Hugs

Ok, koresh.... Obviously the kids were in danger. Oh, are you NOW stating a different segment about the children stripped from their mothers arms? Please help. Thanks in advance.

Jerry, my dear friend, get some extra tin foil and a warm set of gloves. And wait............................................................................did you hear that?................was that a cat?...................OH NO!!!!!!....ITS THE FEDS!!!!! ...
They are watching every keystroke!! Be careful!!!

Ohhhhh, you dont have my NUMBER, but if you are in South Mississippi, PM me. I will buy you lunch. Seriously.
As always, hugs!!!

Now Jerry, once again, lets agree to disagree.
This is becoming disrespectful to the OP and the intent of this thread.

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