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Originally Posted by GRIMLET View Post

Jerry, Jerry ,Jerry!!!!!

Ok, you didn't want to agree to disagree.................

I am not a communist. I served this nation and went to WAR for it. Oh, my older son is in Afghanistan now. Anddddddddddd, my younger son is a Marine wishing he could get over there.

Thats how my family rolls....... How does your family roll???

Its ok, we are friends. Tell me.

As far as the weavers and emotional/mental issues, didnt Wayne La Pierre agree that we should be singling out mentally compromised individuals?

No my name isn't adolph my middle name is Joseph. Thanks for caring. And as far as any alphabet, I am not a fed. However, I count several as friends.
Also, lets be clear, I will always take their side over yours until proven otherwise. Hugs

Ok, koresh.... Obviously the kids were in danger. Oh, are you NOW stating a different segment about the children stripped from their mothers arms? Please help. Thanks in advance.

Jerry, my dear friend, get some extra tin foil and a warm set of gloves. And wait............................................................................did you hear that?................was that a cat?...................OH NO!!!!!!....ITS THE FEDS!!!!! ...
They are watching every keystroke!! Be careful!!!

Ohhhhh, you dont have my NUMBER, but if you are in South Mississippi, PM me. I will buy you lunch. Seriously.
As always, hugs!!!

Now Jerry, once again, lets agree to disagree.
This is becoming disrespectful to the OP and the intent of this thread.
Right!!!!!!!!!! Did you single handed defeat the enemy? You will always take their side over mine? I don't have a side. Again you seem to have deviated from reality. I'm not the one "with a side" here. It wasn't me or my children that the JBT burned to death. It wasn't my children they stolen. It wasn't my guns that were confiscated. It wasn't my son that was killed buy the Fast and Furious weapons. So while there is no need to be on my side you sure as hell aren't on theirs either.

What you have proven, in your posts is that you are blind to reality, condensing and vindictive. That's how you roll.

You don't need to know how my family rolls because you'll only try your best to defame them. Take note that I'll leave your family out of this even though you choose to bring them in. I can't believe you're so desperate to win an argument that you would bring your children into it. Actually I don't believe a word of it. But if I did...

There are many socialists/communists that have fought in the US military. In fact I know a Muslim Terrorist that can make the same claim. For Hood mean anything to you? He wasn't a government agent and wasn't under orders so he got arrested.

You have proven something to me. There are others here that are much better judges of character than I am. They had you pegged from the get go.

Liberal: Someone who is so open-minded their brains have fallen out.
Guns are not dangerous, people are.

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