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Originally Posted by ron59 View Post
Yeah..... with not seeing a smiley emoticon or anything, have to assume you're being serious.

I would consider that rude of you to show up with just one mag. That's a lot of waiting, having to reload after every string of fire.

I bought this gun just to shoot this match... I really thought I would be able to find some mags without paying as much for them as I did the gun! But then Sandy Hook happened....

I have 2 mags, 1 is the 10 round 9mm and one is a .40 mag that I had when I had a Glock 35

I registered and paid for this match before I even bought the gun... when I bought the gun and it only came with one mag I didn't think it was a big deal... I never dreamed people would buy up every Glock mag on the planet that was not priced like it was made of gold...

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