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Originally Posted by Cwlongshot View Post
I am really interested in a Mech Tech carbine.

Any information available here? I have watched the few UTube videos avail me

I use both a Glock 20 with a stock bbl and a EFK 6" ported bbl, plus a mech tech in 10 mm. The mech tech functions well and is reasonably accurate. Scoped it can shoot sub 1" groups at 50 yds. It is a little on the heavy side, apprx. 7 lbs empty. It functions flawlessly. The only real complaint I have is that with heavy bullets over hot loads the brass is not safe for reuse in my opinion. I attribute this to what appears to be an excessive lack of support around the feed ramp. There appears to be less case support than the stock barrel, even more when compared to the EFK bbl. I use 200 xtp slugs and double tap 200 lgc slugs over 8.2 gns of longshot powder. In my pistol (EFK bbl) I get 1220 fps, with no signs of pressure. Oddly the lead bullet is slightly slower, at approx 1205 fps. When fired from the Mech Tech I get 1350 fps from the 200 xtp. The problem is when fired from the mech tech spent brass exhibit a bulge near the web for about a third of the diameter of the case. I definitely would not re-use these cases.

I get much better results with lighter bullets. 135 to 150 grn slugs with copius amounts of Longshot really scream, but do not exhibit any bulge. The increase in velocity over the pistol is really dramatic with the lighter weight bullets. I assume this is because the larger powder charges can really benefit from the longer bbl of the Mech tech. With both the 135 & 150 slugs, 1000 plus foot pounds energy is easily reached. This is about 40% increase in energy over the same ammo in the pistol.

I use my Mech Tech primarily for home defense and hunting deer. For home defense I keep the mech tec loaded with 135 jhp in 20 rd magazine, along with my model 20 and 20 rd mags. Both guns use the same ammo and same mags, an ideal set up.
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