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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
It's simply astonishing, no make that sickening, that someone with your lack of historical knowledge comes here and argues in favor of those perpetrating evil acts on mothers and children.

"In May, 38 parents petitioned the Third Court of Appeals in Austin for a writ of mandamus to overturn the removal of 126 of the children. The court ruled that the state had not presented sufficient evidence of immediate danger to remove the children."

Have you Bar-B-Qued and women and children yet today?

I believe there are some villages in Sierra Leone and Kenya looking for a new tyrant. You may like to apply. I hear they love burning and chopping up kids there. Saving the children one hack and one match at a time. Paradise in the sun for JBT.... Being some friends and family. It's always nice having loved-ones at a Bar-B-Que.
Jerry, its not astonishing I dont know history, I just have a hard time reading your mind.

I thought this was the case you were talking about. I went to the link. Sadly, its leader WARREN JEFFS was convicted of raping young girls under the guise of calling them "spiritual wives". He fathered at least two children to underage girls. One was 15 when she gave birth. He was in his 50's. All the children should have been removed from that ranch/community. It was shown that the old guys ran off the young men to ensure they had first crack at the tween girls.

I find it difficult to believe you side with that kind of group.

The rest of your post is, once again, terrible.

Please dont post again unless its back on point. Your rage and false accusations will get this thread locked. And thats not respectful to the OP.

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