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"price gouging" is a GOOD THING!

We didn't have enough so called "price gouging" that is why you cannot find a single AR-15 magazine right now on the entire internet.

Did midwayUSA and Brownells do the right thing by selling off the rest of their stock of mags for $10-15 The answer is HECK NO!

The very same people that complain about "price gouging" are the same people that cry out: "panic buying" and didn't act soon enough. A low price (artificially low) causes massive demand, and result is a fire-sale, a complete dumping of all stock. However if the price was higher, you and your friends could still buy magazines! Just look at a supply and demand graph:

The Furball Forum

The Furball Forum

If you don't understand the graphs take the time to research it, it's simple stuff. Don't just have a knee-jerk "but that's not fair!" that's what the libtards do.
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