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Originally Posted by GRIMLET View Post
Jerry, its not astonishing I dont know history, I just have a hard time reading your mind.

I thought this was the case you were talking about. I went to the link. Sadly, its leader WARREN JEFFS was convicted of raping young girls under the guise of calling them "spiritual wives". He fathered at least two children to underage girls. One was 15 when she gave birth. He was in his 50's. All the children should have been removed from that ranch/community. It was shown that the old guys ran off the young men to ensure they had first crack at the tween girls.

I find it difficult to believe you side with that kind of group.

The rest of your post is, once again, terrible.

Please dont post again unless its back on point. Your rage and false accusations will get this thread locked. And thats not respectful to the OP.

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Well looks who brings up being respectful. Ain't that a kick in the head Mr. Pot.

You thought that was the cases? Texas! Children stolen from their mother. Spread out all over Texas. Some as fare a 200 miles away. Damn, how much of a picture needs to be painted for you. Oh, I understand! Unless it's completely spelled out you can't grasp it. I presume that's the reason for all the innuendo and twisting of my words. You just can't grasp. Actually I believe it's just in your nature to try to get people to say things you can deliberately twist. That's just how you roll.

Remember the West Memphis Three? Convicted of torturing and killing children? There free now because it was proved the PD and DA lied and tampered with evidence. Was Warren Jeffs a polygamists? Yep? Remember that other pesky little amendment called the First.... Foredoom of Religion.

Did he rape children. Highly doubtful! Were the children that were stolen from their mothers being raped or tortured? According to the Texas Court of Appeals they weren't. Problem with people like you is you only retain the information that supports your idea of ENFORCEMENT. Makes no difference of the injustices committed by authorities doing the ENFORCEMENT. According to you the end result is justifiable... no matter who gets hurt... because someone somewhere was accused of braking a law.

You really should get your facts straight. Before defending the JBT. "September 25 he was convicted of two counts of rape as an accomplice. On November 20, 2007 he was sentenced to imprisonment for 10 years to life and began serving his sentence at the Utah State Prison. However, the conviction was overturned by the Utah Supreme Court on July 27, 2010

"He was extradited to Texas, where he was found guilty of sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault of children in connection with a raid of an FLDS owned and occupied West Texas ranch in 2008"

As usually happens when someone does something the government doesn't like the DA changes the charges so they can be retried. You know, that pesky old double jeopardy clause. But they'll keep adding or subtracting or changing the charges and retrying until they get a conviction. Unless it a government agent or agents. Then, like you keep proving, it's OK because the end justifies the means.

Damn, lets go grab some kids. We can scar the hell out of them and torture the hell out of their mothers. After all they have different ideas than we do. And who cares about that pesky old Constitution YOU HAVE A BADGE.

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