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Originally Posted by ave8er View Post
I bought this gun just to shoot this match... I really thought I would be able to find some mags without paying as much for them as I did the gun! But then Sandy Hook happened....

I have 2 mags, 1 is the 10 round 9mm and one is a .40 mag that I had when I had a Glock 35 you are serious about the 1 mag.

I doubt your .40 mag will feed 9mm. I bet if you go to stages staffed by long time GSSF shooters, and ask nicely, you'll find someone will have some spare G17 mags you can borrow.

The trouble is, the way things are now, mags have suddenly become very hard/expensive to replace, so nobody's likely to want you leaving their sight with what could be a couple hundred $ worth of mags. They're really not worth that much...but if you go by replacement cost today, they might be.

I'd be one more thing to track and haul...but it'd be nice if, for situations like this, GSSF could bring a stash of spare mags (G17, G22, G21, G36, G37) to keep at each stage. 2-3 of each would likely suffice (2 for the paper stages, 3 for the plates), and paint them hot pink or some other color that really stands out. Maybe even load them up at the firing line when it's that competitor's turn, and don't allow them to leave the line.
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