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Gun Shop Personnel

I guess I'm just "piling on" at this point but I just wanted to say that I went to my local gun shop today where I've purchased no less than three (expensive) firearms in the last 6 months. Man, I was treated like DIRT today. I couldn't believe it. All my old buddies behind the counter were gone and there was like five slow-eyed mouth breathers behind the counter and they made me feel like I was sucking up too much of their air and I should just LEAVE. So I did .... and I'll never go back. This is a major dealer in NC and it rhymes with Buns and Bold. This hurts my feelings because I was also ready to take their CCW class. ... They sure lost a lot on money from my business. Forever.

Right now is the time for Firearms Dealers to rake it in .... why are "they" suddenly hiring the lowest common salesmen?
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