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Prior to1986, class 2 manufacturer makes a 5 gallon bucket full of M-16 auto sears and marks them all with serial numbers. He submitted all the paperwork to BATF several times and they continue to "lose" the paperwork. So he sends it in a diplomatic pouch from his senator's office directly to BATF.

A few weeks later, agents show up at his shop with pre-typed violations, do a bogus audit where"Bill" catches them trying to pocket auto-sears and as they leave, one great "advocate" of the 2nd amendment says "you complain too much."

Bill is issued a revocation of his FFL license, goes through hearings and U.S. District court where the judge rules that there were no violations, but she'll let the revocation stand.

So screw you and the rest of your buddy-so-called patriots and protectors of the 2nd Amendment. You are either naive and ignorant (or just plain stupid) or a bald-faced liar.

"In St. Louis, armed Homeland Security agents monitored Tea Party members protesting the IRS. Good idea. When people think their government is out to get them, the best response is to send the government out to get them." -Fred Thompson
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