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Originally Posted by ave8er View Post
...I borrowed a Glock 22 with 5 mags from a friend. When I signed up I checked the box for a 17, that won't matter, right?
Originally Posted by njl View Post
It won't matter (assuming they're both stock, the 22 is legal for all the same divisions as the 17), but I'd still bring both guns and ammo for each and see if you can get someone to lend a few mags for the 17.
Right, it won't matter and since you've preregistered and your stickers will be pre-printed, there is no real need to bother telling GSSF. You can tell the Scorekeeper RO up at the line as a courtesy, and they may scribble it down... but GSSF doesn't care as long as the pistol is legal in the Division you are shooting (and that's up to the CRO to confirm).

Last year, Lisa Marie and I gave out the stickers for those who were pre-registered so it was unnecessary to even see or speak with GSSF folks before shooting.

True... may as well bring the 17 and see how that shakes out. With a $10,000 cash deposit or bond, and if you'll wear an ankle bracelet, I could lend you 3 G17 mags. Find me there... tall, pony tail, wearing a blue RO shirt, and probably a Smurf gun on my side.
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