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Originally Posted by ezdaar View Post
Did not read this entire thread, Yet. But here is my thought on how they could remove a vast majority of firearms and ammo from us.
This maybe alil bit to much tinfoil, but here it is.

Mandatory CONUS buy back, With a anonymous tip line. Fail to comply is felony per firearm and or felony for over 100 rounds of ammo per firearm.
For every firearm confiscated via the anon tipster, Said tipster would receive 200$ and 10 cents per bullet.

It sucks to say this, but I know a few ppl who would gladly call in and report ppl who have firearms for cash if they could get away with out being caught.
Yep, always gotta have the 'snitch line' under the guise of community safety.

I dont understand the logic. They tried this in New Orleans (please somebody correct me if I am wrong), and guess what? Its still the Murder City, USA. No one is gonna 'snitch' on people who are really the problem, because BGs down here ALWAYS figure out who did it.

I believe those in power want crime to increase. Thats the only thing I can think of.

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