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Originally Posted by CranialCrusader View Post
It's $85 billion per month split between t-bills and MBS, but who is counting?

Yeah, the P30 wasn't cheap, but fair considering the times. I'm thankful I don't have to brave a gun show this weekend, so that is worth something too.


$85 billion, pretty soon we will need a 10 yard dump truck to carry enough money to purchase an H&K firearm.

I do not go to gun shows in Washington any more. 95% of what is for sale is cheap crap, that I would not buy and if it were given to me, I would be hard pressed to think that it is worth taking up space in a vault. The remaining 5% of the firearms, ones that I do like, are so over-priced that if I were a seller, I would be embarrassed to ask that much money. It takes a hell of a lot of chutzpah to demand those prices with a straight face.

I just looked it up, I paid $820 for my P30 in Jan 2011, and what are they going for now in Texas?

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