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Originally Posted by Beanie-Bean View Post
Thanks, guys!

Barth, I'll probably create my own version of the 45CT, but am awaiting the outcome of the proposed gun control to see if threaded barrels will still be legal to own...I was just about ready to create the NFA trust with my attorneys when the whole situation for us started heading south.


Mine was $1029, and I must say that both DA and SA are just fine. It feels like a chunkier version if my P30, and I'm so happy that my HK45 10-round mags work!

I like my HK45c so well that I am keeping my eyes open for the full size HK45.

I like H&K firearms. I also find that H&K firearms owners tend to be more knowledgeable and typically more experienced than say, Glock owners. I think some of that is due to the fact that Glocks are cheaper and therefore attract newer, more inexperienced shooters, whereas H&K firearms are more expensive and new shooters tend not to want to spend that kind of money.

Do not get me wrong, there are some very knowledgeable and experienced Glock owners, but some of the new shooter, Glock fan boys, amuse me with some of the things they write on GlockTalk.

I also like Sig pistols, but when they are first released, H&K pistols tend to be more cutting edge/innovative. I find that Sig pistols, that I like (P226, P229, P220), weigh more than I like to carry. But, I do like them for home defense and target practice.
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