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New Nano - Range Report

I finally decided to ditch my Keltec PF9 in hopes of finding something more reliable. I had experienced FTF, FTE, and light strikes in the PF9's break-in period, then occasional light strikes even after the break-in period.

Today, after researching many of the pocket 9mms I decided to buy the Beretta Nano. I immediately took the gun to the range to start getting it broken in. From what I have read, many of the Nanos can have problems with 115gr ammo FTE. Luckily, all of the ammo I shot through today was flawless.

So far the gun has shot,
100rds Lawman 124gr
100rds PMC 115gr
35rds Federal HST 124gr

I really couldn't be more pleased so far. Thank you Beretta.
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