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Originally Posted by Japle View Post
That article was very well written. I especially like:

"Let us consider, for example, supernovae. These are events that are occurring all over the universe, on average about once per galaxy per century. Letís say God created a star in the Andromeda galaxy 6,000 years ago. The star was created mature, near the end of its life (for the sake of argument, letís grant creationists that premise), and so it quickly goes supernova. The light from that event would still take about 2 million years to reach the earth. The only way we can see a supernova in Andromeda is if that event took place 2 million years ago.

If creationists are now going to rescue their concept of a young universe with the argument of created history they have a serious logical problem on their hands. This would mean that God, for some reason, not only created light from existing stars all along its path to the earth, but imbued that light with a fake history of that star, including all the things that would have happened to that light if it actually had been traveling along that path for millions or billions of years. This includes being bent by gravity and absorbed in gas clouds.

God also must have created streams of light from fake stars that never existed, to create the illusion that such a star did exist but went supernova millions or billions of years ago."
It's not so much that creationists manage to explain away things like ancient starlight, it's that they do it in such a grand variety of ways, from white hole cosmology to tired light to Riemannian geometry to localized gravity lenses, etc. Then, when any of these explanations are shown to fail under observation, rather than accepting the mainstream scientific explanation, they move on to a new explanation which can be shoehorned into agreeing with the Biblical chronology they've constructed.
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