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Originally Posted by bdcochran View Post
I read and reread the posting.

OP stated that he has a Glock knife already. He implies that he is not satisfied with the same. In that situation, he is best advised to obtain something else.


Originally Posted by bdcochran View Post
My mentor loves the Glock knife. As a former paratrooper, he sets up survival packs for his family. He wanted a digger that would be strapped outside a pack. He likes the Glock knife. However, he didn't like the grind and spent a considerable sum having his Glock knives reground to his satisfaction.

My biggest issues w/ the Glock knife are -

1. Length - or again, being a noob to fixed blade field knives, should they be this long (5" plus) and is this better ("the longer the better")???

2. Hate the sheath :( - If I stay w/ the Glock knife I'd definitely buy an aftermarket sheath for it.

3. Blade width and thickness - the blade seems a little narrow to me, but again being new to all this I am not sure if it's just my perception or the truth (is a wider knife better or not for field use??) and I'm not a big fan of it's thickness either, but again does the same thing apply to it as does the width issue?

I guess one of the main things I wanted to know was in the eyes of those who know, how is the Glock knife perceived as far as a "good knife" or what works well in the real world/what would one look for in a field knife for real world use?

Originally Posted by bdcochran View Post
You might like a Ka bar. However, it depends upon whether you find the grip comfortable for your application. Moreover, there are a variety of blade types and "generations" of even the basic Ka Bar originally used in WW2.
I like the classic Ka-bar style also, but being just that, an older style knife, is it still considered the benchmark for fixed blades, or is there now something better out there? Kind of like the relationship between 1911s and Glocks if you will.

Originally Posted by bdcochran View Post
The two knives identified are basic field knives. OP already knows what he doesn't like about the Glock knife. So, just buy a Ka Bar and learn what he likes and dislikes about that knife. Then, he can have more information and make a better decision when he buys his third knife and joins the rest of us in the pursuit of the best all around reasonably priced field knife.

Well that's what I was hoping to avoid, buying two or three of these things until I found the one I like, but I realize just like guns, it took me a looooooooooong time to settle on the G19/23 frame size as being just about damn near perfect all around for "ME".

Again I know right now I want something strong and robust that will hold an edge well, if it is better I would like something a little wider, thinner and shorter than the Glock knife, I was thinking more around the 4"-5" length if this is enough knife for real world use as I'd kind of like get it mounted up inverted also on a pack strap/suspender setup as opposed to waist or thigh carry if that makes sense in the real world either?

Was looking at the SOG SEAL knives (full size and pup) too, or is that just a marketing BS thing w/ them??

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