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Happy New Year, guys.

I'm lazy... mine is even more "abbreviated".

For strength training in 2012, I messed around with ball-sits, Stronglifts, 5/3/1 with a concentrated effort of BBB. Nothing was really working. I was either pissed off at myself doing ball-sits too long, could not find enough time to consistently do Stronglifts, couldn't viably finish full 531-BBB workouts, or found some way to pull a mangina muscle. In Q3, I added more combatives training to the schedule. So in Q4, I way simplified my strength training to my version of 5/3/1, which is just:

-Sat or Sun squat and press (rows for assistance)
-Wed deads and bench
- sprinkle in of rope work for conditioning throughout the week, and GTG pull-ups.

For me, the beauty (occasionally, the bane) of 5/3/1 is the + set.

On a high-motivation week, I get 8 full hours of combatives, so I only have a limited time to truly dedicate for strength training. The older body doesn't recover like it used to, so I have to take what I can get.

So in 2013, I plan on doing 3 cycles of simplified 5/3/1, then testing for 1-rep maxes. Rinse and repeat to get this 3-4 times by year's end, hopefully.

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