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Originally Posted by SGT45 View Post
OK White!!!!

Tell me about this beauty!!!! Is that a Mesa stock? with a Limb saver? How is the Mesa Stock with the Limb saver-does it reduce the recoil significantly? What type mag. extension??? Thanks for any and all info. my friend!
I love the Mesa stocks and use them on all my shotguns. I originally hated the look of pistol grips so I never gave them a shot, but one day in a gun shop I shouldered one on a used 870 and was sold. The LOP and ergonomics were absolutely perfect. If you ever do any sort of patrol on with a two point sling, the shape of their pistol grip makes going from slung to shouldered extremely natural. I have tried the Speedfeed and Koxx pistol grips and have not noticed the same...I think the flat-ish back and high cut on the back side aid in this. As far as the limbsaver, it is a good pad, but I wouldn't say it is light years ahead of the other pads. I feel no difference when shooting, however compared to the Remongton R3 pad, shooting 100+ full power slugs will not leave me bruised or sore the next day. (I never shot the gun with the original stock - that thing had a LOP that would be too long for the jolly green giant. For reference, I am 6' with normal proportions, not little dwarf arms.)

The mag extension pictured is Tac-Star, but that would only fit 6-shells, so i changed to Dave's Metal Works. Dave's fits a full 7-shells (2-3/4") and still leaves ~1/2" of movement in the tube. The finish of his also matches the gun much better. I have one of his 1-piece tubes that I will put on once I get the balls to take heat to the receiver. FWIW, I also use his large bolt handles and like them better than Nordic.

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