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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
Wow! Just wow! Your thinking on the issue is beyond Unbelievable. The children died because Koresh disobeyed the law? Do you actually believe that justifies what was done? If someone kidnaps a child itís OK if the LEOís kill the child just as long as they get the kidnapper? And donít you dare try to tell me itís not the same. What we had was a government agency out of control. There is NO JUSTIFICATION for the burning death of those children.

If the powers to be were to order the confiscation of civilian arms the JBT would go to it with the same VIGOR as the ones that murdered the children.

Thank you for making my point. ďThey were just following ordersĒ. (Burning children to death). Iím sorry if the truth offends you. The truth has a way of doing that when someone is dead wrong.

Is that supposed to be a put down? Exactly who would I really be? A man that doesnít believe in burning children to death to SAVE them and stop an alleged criminal. I would think that was a decent person. Obviously you donít agree.

Do you know what year that happened? Do you know what I was doing? No! You do know the road was barricaded and no one could get in or out? Exactly how much don't you know? I can tell you what I know....

The one that has been outed here is you. Burning children is OK as long as you get the bad guy.
I was skeptical that someone would accuse someone else of liking to burn children. Wow, just wow.

You may have taken a wrong turn in your conclusion.

According to the government, a series of remarks like "I want a fire", "keep that fire going" and "do you think I could light this soon?" indicate the Davidians have started setting fire to the complex around 11:30. Surviving Davidians testified that Coleman fuel had been poured, and fire experts in Danfort's report agree "without question" that people inside the complex had started multiple accelerated fires.

The initial arrest attempt, siege, and assault were all failures, there were much better ways to handle that. Koresh liked to hang out at a local club, on a regular basis.

Hard to believe that his followers bought the story he was Jesus incarnated?

Gun-Control Issues

You think at least one of those people would have asked: "If you are the messiah, the son of god, a perfect being, why are you wearing glasses??????

The branch davidians set themselves and their children on fire. I know, that sounds crazy. It's not the first time, nor the last time that mass suicide of a cult has happened.

In my root cause analysis, I see a lot of screw ups on the law enforcement side of the house, but the kids would be alive but for the actions of the branch dividians, enough of them decided that all of them would die that day to cause a tragedy.
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