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Originally Posted by Beanie-Bean View Post
Thanks, guys!

Barth, I'll probably create my own version of the 45CT, but am awaiting the outcome of the proposed gun control to see if threaded barrels will still be legal to own...I was just about ready to create the NFA trust with my attorneys when the whole situation for us started heading south.


Mine was $1029, and I must say that both DA and SA are just fine. It feels like a chunkier version if my P30, and I'm so happy that my HK45 10-round mags work!
Congrats on the gun! She's a beauty. Can't wait to get my Hk45C to go with my Hk45. Awesome guns!

If you want a threaded barrel I'd do it quick. It probably just won't be an option if thats one of the things that get passed. And if it does get passed they will never go door to door collecting the stuff. They don't have the time or resources.
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