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Originally Posted by Gunnut 45/454 View Post
OP then join the unarmed liberals and be a victim! If you can't or do not know how to employ deadly force don't carry! I for one do know how and when to employ deadly force and will every time it's required! Thats the difference! Sure there is alway the chance you will catch a round during a gun fight thats why it called a gun fight! The trick is to make the other guy bleed more!
Uh.... I said I "wasn't impressed" by the video and then went on to say that the media spin was "biased" and "pathetic." I don't understand how that makes me a liberal.

I said I liked the idea of the scenario as a training tool. I was actually aggravated that the female (the only one to get any shots off) was criticized for "not standing in the right place."

I too am confident in my ability to put rounds on target and employ deadly force. Sorry that you misunderstood why I posted the video.

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