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Originally Posted by firefighter4215 View Post
How anyone can look around them in their everyday life and think that what they see is simply the result of an explosion is beyond me. Look at all of the different ways living things reproduce, for example. There is no way that all happened randomly. It's probably pointless to even write this, because some folks will never be convinced one way or another. I fall squarely in the intelligent design camp, and do not exclude scientific theories as the means used by God to put us here.
Here's a short list of things that are beyond me and my ability or willingness to understand,

Getting 64 gb of data onto a micro SD card the size of 1/4 of a postage stamp.

Building a robot and having it control it's own reentry, decent and landing on a planet 150 million miles away and then proceed to send back useful images and chemical analysis data on the soil there.

Building a 4 mile long particle accelerator underground along with all the reasons why one would want to do that and what they might be looking for and what it means once that thing has been found.

Yet there sits the card in my tablet happily transferring it's data back and forth with other chips, and there rolls the Mars rover after a ridiculously complex automated landing sequence and there comes the data from CERN about particles all around us that no one previously knew about despite my inability to understand much of it at all.

But I could be a cave man and have trouble grasping the concept of an electric screwdriver. It makes no difference the who or the what. Your inability or unwillingness to understand has no bearing on what is truth or not and to suggest so indicates a hubris and narcissism that only religion could breed.

Science is your key to understanding that which you can't currently fathom. If you're having trouble understanding something then you might try embracing science rather than rejecting it.
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