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Originally Posted by G26S239 View Post
Genesis describes a 6 day creation with Adam and Eve being created on the 6th day.

Luke chapter 3 verses 23-38 describes 76 generations from Adam to Jesus inclusive.

That suggests a very young earth. And if a day does not mean a day than what good is a reference that does not clearly state what it means?

But we are discussing the book that had Balaam's donkey talking to him in Numbers chapter 22. Claims of talking donkeys don't sound credible to me although I did enjoy watching Mr Ed when I was a child.
Have you not read that long before man was created satan walked and ruled the earth, his name then was lucifer or angel of light. He reigned on earth over the angels for what could have been billions of yrs. he then rebelled against God and the earth was left without form and void ( this means left chaotic). The Bible is clear that the earth was here long before man dawned it. The book of Gen describes a 6 day recreation of the earth so ,an could live on it after the war happened.
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