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There was a point in my life, where I didn't have enough $$$ to enjoy my sport, much less pay all my bills and eat. (I'm very serious.)

After I got my 'stuff' in order (after a divorce), I started setting some $$$ aside EVERY week, for my 'sport'.

When I got $$$ for primers, powder, bullets, I bought what I needed.
IF I found a sale on ammo, I bought.
Federal "Hi-Power" .22lr was going for 99 for a 100 round box.
Federal "Lightning" .22lr was going for 49 for a 100 round box.
I bought a couple of cases, of each. 5,000 rounds in each case.
(I was shooting NRA Smallbore Hunter Pistol Silhouette every week, too.)

7.92x57mm (8mm Mauser) - $65.00/case. Bought some.
(Those days are G O N E!)

When I see a sale, I buy. I don't hoard. I shoot what I buy. . . . eventually.

Buy it cheap. Stack it deep.
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