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This store is currently closed until we catch up on the orders we already have.

PHONE: (856) 767-8835</SPAN>
FAX LINE 24-HOURS (856)-767-3877
Ammoman will be shut down temporarily due to the holiday and extreme high volume of sales.

We are currently over 7 business days behind in shipping, please be patient with orders already placed

All tracking numbers are sent when UPS gets and scans the package barcode. Some may be blocked by your spam blocker. Look for an e-mail that says "quantum view notify"

We cannot track or provide tracking numbers by phone at this time.Every person in the office is processing orders. Please feel free to e-mail any requests.

UPS will also be closed for the 4 day New Year's holiday.This will slow things down.
We are very sorry for the delay and we are working many extra shifts to catch up.
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