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Originally Posted by shotgunred View Post
I will agree with you as long as you mean they were not able to keep the cs form burning.
CS burns within the canister, but it does get real hot. If you've poured a bunch of Coleman lantern fuel all over the place just before an assault..... I'd to have to say that is your own fault. There is no reason to pour accelerators around the compound if you did not want to make it burn.

The FBI did the same thing to another house down the road from mine shortly after that. It may have been a happy accident for the FBI the first time it happened but the FBI quickly learned how to recreate the event. Weather [sic] you want to admit it or not for a while the FBI was running things fast and lose. Just because they are not acting that way now doesn't mean they weren't then.
I never just trust a person just because of a badge they are wearing.

But many of the survivors of the Branch Davidian tragedy witnessed other members of the cult pouring coleman fuel throughout the building. It was rigged to burn by those inside.

You cannot negotiate with crazy. It's crazy, but it happens.

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