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Originally Posted by digilo View Post
If I were to get a 357SIG barrel for my 23, what barrel would you guys recommend? I know LW makes a low-priced one. What are the thoughts? Should I spend a few bucks more and get something different?
I bought the stormlake g32 barrel for my g23 first. So far its been flawless. It has just a little bit tighter chamber than stock. The only difference other than rifling imo is the stock barrel has a good smooth finish with rounded edges. I just bought a factory sig barrel and so far it has shot great also. I plan to cc the factory barrel and only shoot jacketed bullets in it. As for as Lw barrels I've never had a problem with the 40 and 45 barrels I've bought from them except for the shorter chambers which should not apply in 357sig.
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