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Originally Posted by Snapper2 View Post
I bought the stormlake g32 barrel for my g23 first. So far its been flawless. It has just a little bit tighter chamber than stock. The only difference other than rifling imo is the stock barrel has a good smooth finish with rounded edges. I just bought a factory sig barrel and so far it has shot great also. I plan to cc the factory barrel and only shoot jacketed bullets in it. As for as Lw barrels I've never had a problem with the 40 and 45 barrels I've bought from them except for the shorter chambers which should not apply in 357sig.
Originally Posted by uz2bUSMC View Post
Well, here's something to buddies g32 stock bbl seemed to be fully supported (bottleneck advantage). That would be your most reliable option, as you would know. Second to that, if you are looking for the tighter than stock chamber I'm thinking Storm Lake might be the way to go. Seems their quality is consistent from what I've seen around the forums and the price isn't bad.
Thanks for the replies.
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