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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
You may have taken a wrong turn in your conclusion.

The branch davidians set themselves and their children on fire. I know, that sounds crazy. It's not the first time, nor the last time that mass suicide of a cult has happened.

In my root cause analysis, I see a lot of screw ups on the law enforcement side of the house, but the kids would be alive but for the actions of the branch devidians, enough of them decided that all of them would die that day to cause a tragedy.
I've deleted a large chunk of your post in what is quoted above (not your original post) because I completely agree with that portion of it. I believe there will be less confusion, in my reply, with it out of the way.

I have not take a wrong turn in my conclusion. The "government", BATF&E and FBI continues to "falsely" accuse the " Branch Devidians of starting the fire. Those that escaped "SWEAR", and remember these are bible thumping, God FEARING people, that the FBI started the fires. So we have the Branch Dividiens word v those that lied before Congress in the Ruby Ridge case and the case of the Branch Deviants. Please forgive me if I go with the survivors word on this one.

BATF and FBI should never have been there in the first place. THEY ARE TO BLAME!!!!!!

Any idea what's going on with Fast and Furious? In a few years people will be here defending the BATF&E on that one too. It was the people in Mexico and the border agents fault for getting in the way of the bullets.

The BATF&E and the FBI does this crap every few years yet prole will keep defending their actions.

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