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Originally Posted by Skipper Bob View Post
Here in the greater Seattle area there is almost no 22lr anywhere you look .Wallmart, Dicks, Big 5, LGS even Cabela`s. Some of the forums there are guys bragging about their 20,000 round stash and buying cases at a time. You don`t have to control guns all you have to do is control ammo. How many 10-22, mark 3, and buckmarks etc,etc. do you think will be sold without a decent ammo supply. What about the millons of 22`s already out there now? The 9MM around here is just starting to get low. I`m sure the other will follow soon. Hoarding is playing into the anti-gun hands!! No ammo ,means no useable guns now or in the future!
Sounds like you weren't prepared.

Take it as a lesson, and be ready for 'next time'. Don't do like so many others and, when things settle down, remain willfully unprepared

Also...can you explain why you are calling it "hoarding"?

I have 20,000 or more rounds of .22lr. I had that much last year, too. And the year before that. And the year before that.

As such I haven't bought a single round of .22lr since probably October. I'll wager that you have bought some since then and as such are more of a 'problem' to the ammo supply than I am. Why? Because I was prepared.

Seriously, it's not hard. *Most of the time*, you just stop by Walmart and grab a ~550 round bulk pack. Do the same next time you are there or drive by. It isn't hard or expensive.
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