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But it is that kind of thing that caused Romney to lose the female vote. They were afraid he would go after the abortion issue because of his religious beliefs. If the republicans want to get those votes back they should just say they have no interest in attacking Roe v Wade.
Of course if they say that, they will lose the christian repblicans who DO want to overturn Roe v Wade.

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I think that is a load of malarkey handed out by the libs and swallowed by the masses as a means of broadbrushing Republicans. Every time a Republican running for Dog Catcher in Peckersnot Tennessee makes a statement like "God wants us to look after the dogs' the liberal media jumps all over it. How many Democrats are atheists, socialists, communists and you don't see the media spinning that up.

Most Republicans don't give a **** about the things they are accused of. The Republicans don't run ON an 'anti-abortion" platform but they are ACCUSED of it by the media in a sort of "Do you still beat your wife ?" manner.

If the Republican Party cannot draw people away from SantaBama, as far left as they are, how can anyone more fiscally conservative convince a large portion of the 47% that they need to cut their benefits and pay some?
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