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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
Got that one right. The Atheists around here believe that science and Theism are mutually exclusive.

It takes an extreme amount of self disillusionment to believe that.

Scientific knowledge neither proves, nor disproves the existence, or non-existence of a deity.
The methods are mutually exclusive. Robert Boyle did not just preach the truth of Boyle's Law and have a bunch of believers go dunk themselves in a river and proclaim Boyle's Law correct. He did experiments that can be successfully repeated today.

So what do you consider more likely to have happened Doc?

that ...
a) Boyle actually did the experiments he is credited with and proved Boyle's Law? or that ....

b) Balaams donkey talked to Balaam shortly before an angel revealed himself to Balaam?

Do you give equal credence to these two stories Doc? Or does one seem more likely to have happened than the other?
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