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Originally Posted by mrsurfboard View Post
You can't go wrong with the 45c. I love mine.
Thanks, mrsurfboard. I still have to load up some different loads before I take her out to the range. Thankfully, all the brass sorting/prep is done. The .45ACP cases with small pistol primers are evil, and will cause a stoppage at the press. So, I've got to spend more time sorting out that brass from mine.

Originally Posted by barth View Post
Of my five HK handguns the HK45C Light LEM is my favorite.
With my latest P2000SK 40 Light LEM a close second.

I have no buyers remorse at all with any of them though.
And would be more than just happy carrying any of them.
Barth, you are my official HK Hero! I've seen the P2000 and a lot of USPs here in town, but haven't had the opportunity to handle a P2000SK. I do have one of those on my 2013 version of "The List," and hope to find one in .357SIG.

Originally Posted by iLift45's View Post
Congrats on the gun! She's a beauty. Can't wait to get my Hk45C to go with my Hk45. Awesome guns!

If you want a threaded barrel I'd do it quick. It probably just won't be an option if thats one of the things that get passed. And if it does get passed they will never go door to door collecting the stuff. They don't have the time or resources.
iLift--you'll enjoy the full-size beast, for sure. I shot factory through it first to break it in and to see how it ran, and later ran my own loads through it with no issues or malfunctions. It was my favorite Glock load that I was using. Mike over at Cross Creek Guns (HK Forum sponsor) was able to ship some brand-new magazines for the HK45 (and now HK45C) for a great price. While everyone else has been elevating their pricing, he's elected to take care of his customers, and for that I have to pass the good news.

Point taken on the threaded barrel advice. Thank you for that!

Originally Posted by r3dot View Post
That is a sweet gun!
Thanks, r3dot! It's about the same size as my P30, but with a slightly thicker slide, which makes it just a tad bit heavier.
Ammo by Dillon and Hornady

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