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Originally Posted by digilo View Post
Is there a .40 barrel that is supported, and reliable as stock? Or is support at the expense of reliability in the .40?
The .40 Glock barrels made within the last 10 years or so are supported pretty well and are reliable. Some of the aftermarket barrels do have slightly better support by not adding as much chamfer around the feed ramp and entrance of the chamber. There is usually some tradeoff.

The .357sig and 9mm Glock barrels are better supported than the .40. I have not have any issues with the Glock barrels and they are quality piece so that is what I use. Whenever I pick up a G24 I will either pick up a Storm Lake, KKM or Barsto .357sig barrel for it because Glock doesn't make any 6" .357sig barrels for it. Wish they did.
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