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Originally Posted by WT View Post
RE: Flashlight tactics

Reading your book, chapter by chapter.

Regarding house clearing by the homeowner at night: what do you think about throwing a lit flashlight into a room to be searched? You are not 'framed' but there should be enough light to see what or who is in the room?

One person suggested to me using a light stick.

Another suggested pointing the flashlight at the ceiling and using the reflection to 'light' the room.
Be careful with listening to various tactical suggestions! A flashlight, for a homeowner in the kind of situation you describe, would best be used in short bursts of light. From a tactical point of view, you'd be better off (if at all possible and I AM AWARE that in some rural parts of the country you simply will not see a police officer come in a reasonable amount of time) remaining in your bedroom and setting up a defensive zone for you and yours.

I'm not being passive here, just going by what is most likely to get you out of such a situation with the greatest chance for your success.

Who the hell is Balko?
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