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Originally Posted by RPVG View Post
Leftyjp: I checked out one of the local Shoot Straight ranges Saturday. You're right! They are the shiz!

First, I wanted my my new rear sights zeroed in. Gunsmith takes my piece, disappears behind a door and I start shootin' the bull with the customers. The gunsmith comes out, hands me my piece, nods, and walks away. I say, "Hey! What do I owe you?" He sez: Nothing. He wouldn't take a tip, either!

Then I went over to get a lane. So I figgered, let's see what I can learn from these young guys. One of their guys gave me 15 - 20 minutes of personal instruction -- he didn't much care for the grip I learned in the Marines.

Anyway, once he saw I was on my way, he withdrew and I fired off the rest of the 100 rounds I had.

Bottom line: I got my rear sights adjusted, got a nice bit of one-on-one instruction, blasted off 100 rounds, and the total cost was $15.23.

Oh, and that includes two targets!

(But not my ammo.)
Went there first time yesterday. Great prices on range ammo and each lane has it's own adjustable mini cold blast cooling system to keep ya' comfortable.
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