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Originally Posted by 2-8 Marine View Post
Excuse me, but I believe brochures free or not, are put there to advertise the products a specific company has available for purchase. People are expected to take them home and browse through them at their leisure possibly buying something from the brochure at a later date. I've never heard of any business requiring me to purchase something before I could take a free brochure. Of course, if the owner had to pay for the brochure I can understand a nominal fee being charged. I've browsed hundreds of establishments without making a purchase and freely taken brochures where available and have never been rudely insulted or intentionaly embarrassed for doing so.
Even if the brochures have to be paid for by the dealer, (rarely), if they're out on an unpriced rack, it is assumed that they're there for informational service, and should be considered a cost of doing business.
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