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Yes, reloading manuals are essential. It is true that "recipes" are widely published by component manufacturers on the web. The critical reason for having a manual is for the step-by-step loading instructions that are consolidated into one place. Following the instructions in a quality loading manual, like Speer #14, will give best and safest loading results.

I have an older copy of Loadbooks that is linked to by Gofastman. I also picked up a brand new copy. There were numerous revisions, but the new version still has recipes that are out of date. One Hornady 10mm recipe is an error (155 w/A7) . Just be mindful that a lot of information in that manual has been superceded by updates from manufacturers. Again, that is only a "recipe" book and not truly a manual.

I also recommend that too, because it gives virtually all of the major component manufacturers' recipes. Unfortunately, the current version has Nosler data for only the 135 and 150 grainers even though Nosler is making heavier bullets again.
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