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Originally Posted by steveksux View Post
Could be the get tough on crime measures that have been popular for so long, 3 strikes laws, war on drugs. Anything that keeps more criminals locked up longer.

Look at NYC, they also have had drops in crime, largely attributed to Guiliani's "broken window" policing model. Certainly not due to relaxed CCW laws.

I tend to be skeptical by nature, and tend to be even more skeptical of theories I'd love to be true, like "ccw reduces crime". I try to dig deeper because I assume I'm biased in favor of that theory.

I am not suggesting I am more likely to be right in this case than you. The jury is still out, IMO, just suggesting alternate theories, really. Stats are one thing, the tricky part is figuring out the reasons behind why the numbers end up as they are. Easier to establish correlations than causations.

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