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Good info here. I have stopped using Starline 10mm brass myself. It is just to soft. I have to pay twice as much at a LGS for the Winchester brass. But it seems to hold up better to max book loads. The primer pockets seem to stay much tighter than Starline.

And yes I'm one of the crazy folks. I shoot 10mm and I want them at max book or above. And yes I'm one of the crazy sot's that tore up there over priced and under preforming Delta. The DE was what got me into 10mm ooo so many years ago.

You can live on the edge like I do. Or play it safe. Either way one has to keep up with the condition of there brass, primers and function of the weapon being used. And never ignore a sick feeling in your gut. Be it at the bench or at a range shooting. Never second guess your gut feelings.
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