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Originally Posted by deguelo View Post
well done, beanie. no doubt the 45c will come to be one of your favorites, as it has for many of us. it is remarkable for numerous reasons, including it's ability to tame the recoil of the 45 acp round. experienced folks have fired mine and said 'THAT'S a 45?'.......

BIG admirer of the hk marque here. go ahead and shoot one of the p7 series, beanie..... then the madness will really start.
I'm pretty sure that I'll be adding a P7 at some point in time. Just trying to resist for now, kind of like I was before I picked up my first AR-15 just prior to the tragic shootings and the panic buying which ensued. I could probably sell my gear now and buy the same stuff later on, but the uncertainty of the availability keeps mine at home.

Originally Posted by Badwolf75 View Post
I have a H&K USP .45 compact sitting in my safe I bought new back in 97. Recently got back from several years overseas. Is there a really a big demand for these now?

I've got the HK45C (to go along with my HK45, of course...) Not sure of the demand for the USP model, but I know that the H&K has a very loyal following.

Welcome back home! Go shoot the USP to see if it's still for you--chances are there's someone out there on the hunt for one if you're going to part with it...
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