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Originally Posted by NickC50310 View Post
Hogwash. If i buy something and then decide its not what i want its my right to sell it. If i buy ten thats another story but less than 3 no. If some jackwagon wants to pay triple what i paid for it thats up to them. Just helps me to take the money and get exactly what i want. Furthermore by doing so we also get more grandfathered rifles onto the market before any possible ban.
If GOUGING a fellow gun enthusiast that didn't get a chance to hit Wallymart as often as you did makes you feel like a fine upstanding gentleman - so be it.

But don't even try to rationalize your GOUGING by saying that you've introduced another grandfatherable "EBR" into the shooting ranks; someone would have bought that from WM regardless of your GOUGING re-sale.

And we can ALL claim to "understand gun laws" all day long and twice on Sundays - it's what the cowboys at the ATF understands that counts; their rules, their game.
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