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Originally Posted by WASRfan View Post
If GOUGING a fellow gun enthusiast that didn't get a chance to hit Wallymart as often as you did makes you feel like a fine upstanding gentleman - so be it.

But don't even try to rationalize your GOUGING by saying that you've introduced another grandfatherable "EBR" into the shooting ranks; someone would have bought that from WM regardless of your GOUGING re-sale.

And we can ALL claim to "understand gun laws" all day long and twice on Sundays - it's what the cowboys at the ATF understands that counts; their rules, their game.
For every 'GOUGING' seller there's a buyer voluntarily giving up his money for the item. If buyers weren't buying sellers wouldn't be able to get the prices they are. Stop acting like people are being FORCED to buy items. #freemarket
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