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I started playing in the 5th grade and gave it up after high school for college and work. For many, it is very frustrating to play since it has no frets and you have know what in tune is. Music is difficult to read. I suggest private lessons if you can afford them. It will take years of dedicated practice and lessons to get to sounding good. Since I have perfect pitch, I took to it easy and was first chair violin in every orchestra I sat in. I picked it back up 13 years later and within an hour was right back to the same level I was before. Just recently played a few weddings without sheet music bc I memorize everything. I watched other ppl struggle with it over the years who did not have an ear for it. If you have no idea what notes are supposed to sound like, I suggest getting a small keyboard, playing a scale, and matching it with the violin, since you can't play a keyboard out of tune unless you hit the wrong key altoghether. If you have any questions I would be happy to help.
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